Looking Forward to Christmas

03222_2014CatalogSidebar-new_copyAs you begin to make plans for the Christmas season and start making your lists of gift-giving opportunities, I’d like to offer a suggestion:

Check out this catalogue from International Child Care Ministries and SEED.  In this catalogue you can purchase:

Food for children around the world

Water filters and clean water

Animals for Christian families in impoverished areas of the world (like Hefier, but more targeted)

Bibles, song books or VBS curriculum for children

Contribute to end modern-day slavery by helping fund recovery ministries in Thailand, the Philippines or Colombia

School supplies and teacher training in Haiti

Help with the Eden Reforestation Project

Provide stoves for families

Contribute to funds that provide micro-loans to families around the world to kickstart local businesses so they can provide for themselves

Purchase crafts, bags, clothing, and toys made by families that have benefited from those micro-loans

These are the kind of “gifts” that put a smile on Jesus’ face, because they prompt Him to say, “Whatever you did for the least of these, my brethren, you did for Me.”

Happy planning!