Free Methodist Beliefs

CCC-Primary-Logo-DistressedHello everyone! It has been quite a while since I have posted a blog. We were in a transition time in our family. I am now happy to report that we have moved to Kansas, and I am the new Chair of the Ministry and Theology Department at Central Christian College in McPherson.

Now that the transition time is over, I plan on blogging once again.

I will be starting a new series on Free Methodist Beliefs. Once a week I will post a new article on one of the Free Methodist Articles of Religion. These are doctrinal statements that help shape and guide this particular branch of the Christian family. For many people who are not Free Methodist but come from another denomination in the Methodist family (United Methodist, Wesleyan, etc.) many of the articles will be familiar.

Look for a new post each Monday morning.

God bless you all!