Texas Planned Parenthood Decision and a Christian Response

Before I begin this post in response to the indictment decision of the grand jury in Texas against the anti-abortion activists instead of Planned Parenthood I would like to make two points very clear.

40th Anniversary March for Life in 2013. My family was here and did the March.

40th Anniversary March for Life in 2013. My family was here and did the March.

  1. I am against abortion. I was adopted at birth in 1975, two years after Roe v. Wade, and have a personal stake in the decision not to abort unplanned pregnancies. I am also a father of four and cannot even conceptualize having ended any of their lives before they had a chance to live.
  2. This is one response, not the only response, a Christian can have to this news. Obviously I believe I am correct, otherwise I would not be posting this piece. Yet I am not narrow-minded enough to think that my opinion is the only one that matters in the world.

So, now that I have made those two points, here is my take on what Christians ought to do in response to this issue.

STOP trying to have the government regulate everyone in the country to follow a Christian outlook on life! Abortion is morally reprehensible. That is a given. Any society that would willingly kill its own children is a weak and selfish society. It is a barbaric practice that we sterilize by performing it in a medical setting and calling it a procedure. It is infanticide, plain and simple.

Yet we Christians would not have to bring legal action if we would spend more time discipling the people we have to live by a higher standard than what is legal in our country. We would not have to bring legal action if Christians took seriously Thou shalt not kill and Whatever you did to the least of these you did to me. And We would not have to bring legal action if we not only lived this way, but encouraged others to convert and live this way with us. Planned Parenthood would disappear if there was no market for their services because there was no demand by potential patients and customers. It would not matter that abortion is technically legal in the US if our society did not avail themselves of the procedure.

We need to quit trying to have the government, at whatever level, try to force us by law to live a certain way. If something is morally wrong and sinful, convert others and train ourselves to live to the higher standard God calls us to live. This is how the Church functioned in the first 300 years of its existence. We did not petition the Roman government to change laws. We simply lived according to God’s vision of life. And at that time we were persecuted, had our property confiscated, our rights revoked, imprisoned, and killed. Yet we never led a legal drive to change the laws of the Empire. We simply lived as Christ taught us. That was what converted the Empire, not law suits.

Just a thought.

3 thoughts on “Texas Planned Parenthood Decision and a Christian Response

  1. By rooting your remarks in the context of Christian’s first-century response to evil in their day you make a compelling argument about how to be more relevant to evil realities in our present day. Discipleship is the best answer to change hearts one heart at a time to embrace values that impact all cultures for all times. That being said, given that we live within a cultural context and a parenthesis of time where we can champion the sacredness of life using political and legal means available to us, we should use them. This isn’t an argument of one versus the other, but an affirmation of both together. Disciples of Jesus Christ must disciple others to become disciples of Jesus Christ AND disciples of Jesus Christ must also, at the same time, champion against evils of our day by whatever means available as an apologetic witness to the values we hold forth . One approach alone seems to bend toward piety, while the alternate approach seems to lead to politics, but with BOTH there is there is principled impact (personified in such historic people as Wilberforce and in present-day movements such as Set-Free addressing the evils of human trafficking).

    Michael Ewert


    • This is a good point, Mike. I believe that this combination does make a lot of difference in the world. I just would like it if we focused on the discipleship aspect more than the political aspect.


      • You are absolutely correct in affirming the priority of discipleship as our primary avenue of influence. There is no more effective method of changing the hearts of men and women and boys and girls than disciple-making. We do not suffer for not having attempted politics. We do suffer considerably for our great omission of God’s Great Commission. May God help us to practice what Jesus so emphatically modeled, mentored and mandated.

        Michael Ewert


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