Zechariah 8:23 and An Image of Evangelism

evangelistThere are lots of different methods of evangelism. Some are very positive and some are very negative. I have met lots of people in lots of different churches who are terrified of evangelism because 1) religion is something private you don’t talk about in public and 2) they are worried they will be asked questions to which they do not have the answers, and then they will look silly or somehow let God down.

There is an image of evangelism in Zechariah that is completely different from this idea:

23 The Lord of heavenly forces proclaims: In those days ten men from nations with entirely different languages will grab hold of a Judean’s clothes and say, “Let’s go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.”

Here is a radically different form of evangelism. The people know that this one has the presence of the Lord with him or her, so the rest of the people, all from different places in life, voluntarily attach themselves to the one in order that they, too, might be with the Lord. This eliminates the idea that religion is private (because it is the most public thing we have in life, for what we believe and in whom we believe will guide how we act and react in the world), and it removes the fear because the people are drawn to the one.

Why? Because it is obvious that the Lord is with the one. God’s power and presence in this life is obvious to all who see, and they know they need what the one has in his or her life.

When we live lives that are full of God, others notice and want what we have. The best method of evangelism is a transformed life that is obvious for all to see.

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