Daniel 7:15-16 and The Need for Each Other

dan8-gabeWhen God created, he made the world so that we are mutually interdependent upon each other. This is seen in simple things like procreation, where we need more than one person to create a new human being, and it is seen in more complex things like the way Jesus set up the Church. No one person has all of the spiritual gifts necessary to be a solitary Christian. We all need one another to complete the beautiful picture of the Church Christ has for us.

Absolutely wonderful example of this comes from Daniel (since the same God is behind the Old Testament and the New Testament, this should come as no surprise). Look at this passage and see if you notice anything out of the ordinary for how we usually picture Daniel:

15 Now this caused me, Daniel, to worry. My visions disturbed me greatly.16 So I went to one of the servants who was standing ready nearby. I asked him for the truth about all this. He spoke to me and explained to me the meaning of these things.

This is the man who explained dreams and visions to kings and rose to great heights in different kingdoms because of it. Now he himself has a dream and cannot understand it without someone else explaining it to him. God makes us dependent upon one another. In this way no one person can be puffed up with pride.

Remember, the next time you are with fellow Christians, that we need each other for the Church to be all that Christ intends it to be. This means that we need other Christians in our lives for spiritual growth and maturity for ourselves, and it also means that other Christians need us serving with the gifts God gave us for their own spiritual growth and maturity. We all have a part to serve in the Body of Christ, and for the Body to work, all the parts have to work.

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