Ezekiel 9:3-6 and God’s Mercy During Judgment

ezekiel-vision-merkabaReading through Jeremiah and Ezekiel it is easy to get the idea that every single person in Judah and Jerusalem had fallen away from the Lord and they all were destroyed or severely punished for their guilt. It is difficult to remember that the Lord is full of mercy and love. Thankfully, this passage is in Ezekiel right before the destruction of Jerusalem happens. The Lord commissioned a squad of beings to go through the city and begin to pour out his judgment on the inhabitants, but before they go this action occurs:

The Lord called to the man who was dressed in linen with the writing case at his side: Go through the city, through Jerusalem, and mark the foreheads of those who sigh and groan because of all the detestable practices that have been conducted in it. To the others he said in my hearing: Go through the city after him, and attack. Spare no one! Be merciless! Kill them all, old men, young men and women, babies and mothers. Only don’t touch anyone who has the mark. Begin at my sanctuary. So they began with the men, the elders in front of the temple.

God still makes a distinction between those who worship him and those who do not worship him, those who are grieved at the idolatry in Jerusalem and those who are not. God takes notice of our lives, our intentions, and our hearts. Stay true to the Lord and he will mark you as his own.

Compare this to a passage in Revelation and you will see that the Lord will mark those who worship and serve him. Will you be marked?