Jeremiah 20:8-9 and How to Determine a Calling from God

9d8b3d4ad1_Jesus-5-4-jeremiahI have had lots of people ask me about how to determine whether or not they have a calling by God into some specific kind of service or ministry in the Church. This is an intensely personal issue, but it has profound public impact, as people are called by God to be in service to the rest of the world.

One way to help decide if you have a calling is to look at this passage in Jeremiah:

Every time I open my mouth, I cry out
    and say, “Violence and destruction!”
The Lord’s word has brought me
    nothing but insult and injury, constantly.
I thought, I’ll forget him;
    I’ll no longer speak in his name.
But there’s an intense fire in my heart,
    trapped in my bones.
    I’m drained trying to contain it;
        I’m unable to do it.

A calling does not go away. We can run from it. We can bury it. We can try to do anything else in life but follow it. Yet a calling will always be there. It will be like a burning within us that we are not satisfied or fulfilled until we follow it.

If you are wrestling with a calling right now, use this Jeremiah test. Can you even think of doing anything else in life? Can you ignore it and go in a different direction? And ask other people who you know that are spiritually mature to pray for you for confirmation of the calling on your life. God will not punish you for being prudent and making sure it is from him.


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