Jeremiah 8:13 and Cursing Fig Trees

Moreton Bay Fig Tree in Santa Barbara, CA

Moreton Bay Fig Tree in Santa Barbara, CA

I have always puzzled over Jesus’ cursing the fig tree when he arrived in Jerusalem. He was hungry; there were no figs on the tree; he cursed it and it died. Then I came across this verse from Jeremiah:

I will put an end to them,
        declares the Lord;
    there are no grapes on the vine,
        no figs on the tree,
        only withered leaves.
They have squandered what I have given them!

The Jewish people are not only a vineyard, but a fig tree. God planted them to produce fruit, and when the God of all creation arrived in Jerusalem, he found no figs on the fig tree. Jesus thus cursing the tree is foreshadowing the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem.

The takeaway from this for us is to bear fruit in our own situations, with the gifts God has given us, for the furthering of his mission to spread the Good News throughout all the world. We do not want the Lord finding us without fruit. He alludes to that in his ministry later in that same week with the disciples.

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