Ecclesiastes 10:10 and The Key to Accomplishing Any Task

sharpen-the-axeThroughout life we are confronted with many jobs, tasks, and projects we have to accomplish. No matter what the extent of them are, there is one key to completing any of them: preparation. If we prepare well, it makes the task so much easier. Ecclesiastes has a proverb within it that gets to the heart of this idea:

If an ax is dull and one doesn’t sharpen it first, then one must exert more force.

This saying is also known in its reverse format, and popularly attributed to Abraham Lincoln (although the evidence shows he never said it) like this:

If I had five minutes to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first three sharpening my ax.

When we prepare for whatever job we have to accomplish, it makes the job so much easier. Whether it is school, work, or even some task of enjoyment in life, a proper amount of preparation before we begin will, many times, mean the difference between finishing the job and quitting or the difference between finishing the job in a reasonable amount of time and working too hard on it.


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