Psalm 133 and Families

Family_Tree_With_Aunts_Uncles_CousinsIn this time of social shift and a change in the way we have understood the term family it is good to see what other cultures and times have understood of family:

Look at how good and pleasing it is
    when families live together as one!
It is like expensive oil poured over the head,
    running down onto the beard—
        Aaron’s beard!—
    which extended over the collar of his robes.
It is like the dew on Mount Hermon
    streaming down onto the mountains of Zion,
    because it is there that the Lord has commanded the blessing:
        everlasting life.

Family here is refers to all extended relationships (and potentially even the different tribes in Israel). This is not necessarily the American understanding of the nuclear family of father, mother, and children–although that is not excluded in this idea. The point is that our relationships, especially those closest to us, are important. When they are good, life goes so much better. When they are bad, no matter how successful we are, something is missing and there are problems.

If you have ruptures in your close relationships, you may want to seek to repair those problems. Seek to reconcile with others. If those others do not wish to repair the relationships, then you have done your part in trying to reconcile. For some family issues actual family counseling may be needed, as issues can be complex. For small issues, though, sometimes just reaching out to make contact can be the first step to a reconciled family.

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