Psalm 15 and What Is Acceptable to God

perfect-wordObviously I cannot speak for most people in the world, but being a fairly normal person I can wager a guess that most people think they are ok and, for the most part, acceptable to God. After all, most people do not commit the big sins of murder or theft or adultery, and God is a forgiving God, so why wouldn’t I be accepted?

Psalm 15 is a corrective to this idea:

Who can live in your tent, Lord?
    Who can dwell on your holy mountain?
The person who
    lives free of blame,
    does what is right,
        and speaks the truth sincerely;
    who does no damage with their talk,
    does no harm to a friend,
    doesn’t insult a neighbor;
    someone who despises
        those who act wickedly,
        but who honors those
        who honor the Lord;
    someone who keeps their promise even when it hurts;
    someone who doesn’t lend money with interest,
    who won’t accept a bribe against any innocent person.
Whoever does these things will never stumble.

No one I know is blameless. It is this kind of perfection that reminds me that I need help in my life from someone much, much better than me. My sins may not be big compared to others, but they still are there and that keeps me out of the blameless category.

Thank God (literally) we are offered grace and forgiveness in Jesus Christ, the only blameless one, so that we may be acceptable to God. This is the Good News–I cannot be acceptable to God on my own, but I do not have to be on my own. Jesus Christ is with me, the Holy Spirit is in me, and the Father loves me.

Any time I feel “I got this” with life, I come to Psalm 15 and am reminded how thankful I am that I have Jesus Christ!