Job 37:23-38:1 and The Unexpected



With God, chances are we need to expect the unexpected. Moses was not expecting to deliver Israel while he was living in exile from Egypt. Samuel did not expect God to choose David as king. No one expected the Messiah to be a carpenter from Nazareth. We do not expect God to sacrifice himself for us. The Church did not expect God to choose Paul.

God regularly challenges our preconceived notions of what to do and how to do it. This passage in Job also reiterates this point:

As for the Almighty, we can’t find him—he is powerful and just, abundantly righteous—he won’t respond. Therefore, people fear him; none of the wise can see him. Then the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind.

This is the final section of Elihu’s speech to Job. Elihu gives Job the conventional wisdom of the day–the Lord is powerful and mighty. Nature shows his glory and honor. Yet you will never get a chance to speak to him or see him because he is too far beyond all of this. If this were a play, I could almost imagine the actor playing God to be coming up on stage behind Elihu, completely showing how wrong he is, waiting for the best time to reveal himself to the one who said no one can see him. It would be a very comedic scene.

God works and God answers prayers, but sometimes they are in completely unexpected ways. In those cases, it is usually only with the advantage of hindsight that we can understand how God was at work or why something happened the way it did.

God acts in unexpected ways quite often. Expect the unexpected in your life!

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