Job 23:8-9 and Perception Is Everything

128aaf3fe4951ee638978fd66292234bHow we perceive the world determines what we believe about it. Conversely, what we believe about the world determines what we perceive in it. Take the case of the human hand, a bat’s wing, and a whale’s fin. X-rays of each of these will show and extremely similar structure of five “fingers” in a relatively same shape. Those who believe in God will see this as evidence that the same intellect designed all three of them. Those who do not believe in God, but rather in evolution, will see this as evidence of a common origin. Perception and belief work both ways.

Job gives a wonderful insight into perception when he says:

Look, I go east; he’s not there, west, and don’t discover him; north in his activity, and I don’t grasp him; he turns south, and I don’t see.

In the midst of suffering Job cannot see God at work anywhere. Many times people have such horrible events happen in their lives that they simply cannot see God anywhere in the world. Good is written off as an anomaly, blessings are seen as coincidences, and faith is viewed as form of escapism for those too weak to face life with all of its horrors.

For those who have faith in God and have never suffered, this is unimaginable. They see God in absolutely everything around them and cannot help but notice that even the heavens declare the glory of the Lord.

For those who have faith in God and have gone through suffering, their witness is the most powerful for people who cannot see God now. Someone who has been where another person is, who has had to deal with the evil of the world and yet still sees God at work, can truly help others see God as well.

Whatever your experiences in life have been, you may just be the key to helping someone else see God.

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