1 Chronicles 23:25-26 and Changes in Ministry

item-C3Change happens. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes it is bad, and sometimes whether it is good or bad depends upon who’s making the change. Irrespective of the value judgments on change, sometimes it is absolutely necessary. Look at these verses:

David said, “Since the Lord, Israel’s God, has given his people peace and has made his home in Jerusalem forever,  the Levites need no longer carry the dwelling or any of the equipment used in its service.”

The entire ministry of the Levites up to this point was breaking down the Tabernacle, carrying certain pieces of it, and setting it back up again in a new location. Now that the Temple is about to be built and the Tabernacle has been moved to Jerusalem in preparation for that construction, there is absolutely no reason for the Levites to carry anything anymore, and they will never have to set up the Tabernacle again. If the Levites are going to continue in ministry, what they do has to change. To their credit, and David’s, the Levites are given new roles to fulfill in the Temple so they can still discharge their overarching duty in ministry to assist the priests. The rest of this chapter details what these new duties are to be. None of them could have even existed when the Temple was not built, but by assuming these roles and duties, the Levites continue in their ministry of assistance in worship. How many times do we today continue to do the same things when they are no longer necessary? Our culture and our younger generations relate to each other completely differently, so why do we still try to do ministry in ways that reached the older generations? Many times congregations try to continue what they have always done because, “the people we have like it.” David could have kept the Tabernacle set up and move around Israel because the older generation would have liked it–it would have been easier for those at the extremities of the nation to worship correctly because of the difficulty in traveling to Jerusalem, too. But that is not what happened. God did a new thing for the future of Israel and both David and the Levites realized they needed to change to continue to worship the Lord and provide for the next generations. What is happening in your congregation that may need to change? What are you clinging to for the sake of the past, even though it no longer works like it did in the past? Is there a way in which the Lord may be calling you to change in order to continue in ministry?


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