1 Samuel 10:7 and The Rolling Stones

040As I began to read about Saul, I was reminded of the Rolling Stones song You Can’t Always Get What You Want.  Saul is such a sad character.  He started out so well–obedient, humble, faithful.  Samuel, after anointing Saul as king, even goes so far as to say this to Saul:

Once these signs have happened to you, do whatever you would like to do, because God is with you.

Now that is a blank check!  Of course, knowing the rest of Saul’s story, it is not what it sounds like here.  God ultimately rejects Saul as king because Saul is not faithful and obedient to God.  Saul can do whatever he wants to do insofar as it is in line with the will of the Lord.

This is a good reminder for us.  The Lord is on our side as Christians and Jesus did say that whatever we asked for in his Name would be answered.  Yet the truth is that when we ask in his Name, we are asking according to his will.  Just like Saul, this is not a blank check to get what we want in life.  Let us use Saul as a warning.  If we live according to the will of the Lord, we will be content.  If we do not live according to God’s will…You can’t always get what you want.

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