Joshua 21:43-45 and the Faithfulness of the Lord

12 Tribes Promised Land(1)After all of the fighting that happens in Joshua after the Israelites cross the Jordan into Canaan, there is this simple summary statement:

The Lord gave to Israel all the land he had pledged to give to their ancestors. They took it over and settled there.   The Lord gave them rest from surrounding danger, exactly as he had pledged to their ancestors. Not one of all their enemies held out against them. The Lord gave all their enemies into their power.   Not one of all the good things that the Lord had promised to the house of Israel failed. Every promise was fulfilled.

This is an interesting statement after the people had fought so hard and for so long.  But this is the way the Lord works in the world.  He uses people to achieve his purposes.  Why God chooses to use us is a mystery, but he does nonetheless.  The Lord gave them the land and rest through their obedience and faithfulness in following his leading throughout the conquest.

The next time you find yourself asking why God doesn’t do something about a specific situation, see if there is anything you can do about it, following God’s leading and guidance.

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