Leviticus 6:18 and Contagious Holiness

Altar2Throughout the Gospels there is a common underlying issue of sin and holiness, and the idea that sin is contagious.  People do not associate with lepers or the lame or blind because, as the conventional wisdom of the day held, they had these conditions because of sin, and that sin could be transferred to others by touch or association.  Jesus repeatedly defies this opinion by touching lepers and associating with known sinners.  Leviticus gives an insight into what Jesus does in these situations in 6:8 and again in 6:27.

Anything that touches these food gifts will become holy…Anything that touches the purification offering’s flesh will become holy.

Jesus, as God-in-the-flesh, and as the true sacrifice for the sin of the world, is holy.  Whenever anything touches him, it becomes holy.  Whenever anyone who is sinful touches Jesus, they become whole and participate in the holiness of God.  Even though the sacrificial system God gave at Sinai, humanity was being prepared for the coming of Christ and his holiness.

Today, whenever anyone touches Jesus Christ, they are made whole and participate in the holiness of God.  As we continue in our relationship with Jesus, we receive more and more of his holiness in our lives and are transformed from the inside out more fully into the image and likeness of Christ.

Thanks be to God that his holiness is contagious!


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