Revelation 16:9 and The Wrath of God

gerung-bowlsGod’s wrath and judgment are not topics that are very popular in many circles (then again it is very popular in some churches I have visited).  Yet there is an undeniable current in Revelation of the wrath of God.  This verse puts it into perspective:

they cursed the name of the God who had power over these plagues. But they didn’t change their hearts and lives and give him glory.

This comes on the heels of four major plagues that affect the entire world, and this shows (along with other places in Revelation) that the reason for the plagues was to try and engender repentance in the people of the earth.  The fact that world-wide plagues were happening was supposed to be the type of activity that would cause people to stop what they were doing and ask, “Are we doing something wrong that the God of heaven and earth is allowing this calamity?”  Instead, their response was to be self-righteous and curse the God who had power over these things.

How often do we assume we are in the right with God and no evil thing ought to happen?  How often do we find ourselves, perhaps not explicitly, thinking thoughts such as the one these people had in this verse because of some evil?

I want to be very careful here–this is not talking about evil that is perpetrated on an individual level.  This is not a robbery or a murder or a violent attack on an individual.  This is world-wide disaster that affects all people.  If these kinds of events occur in our own lifetimes, will we have enough spiritual discernment of ourselves to know that we ought to repent and give glory to God for his true and righteous judgments, or will we curse God because we do not deserve this?


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