Zombies and Sin

I got in my car this morning to head out for a meeting, and when I went to plug my phone into its charger, I noticed the charger was gone.  Not only that, but our iPod was gone as well.  We usually are pretty good about locking our car doors (even in rural America), but I guess we missed one time.  The really sad thing about this is that there are not many good radio stations near us (did I mention we are in rural America?), so the only way we listened to music in the car was with the iPod, which is now God-knows where.

As I was thinking about this on my car ride to my meeting, I began to think about the string of petty larcenies that seem to happen in many small towns that have meth problems.  When people become addicted to drugs, especially meth, they will do anything to get the money for another high.  They become completely taken over by the need to fill such a base desire and all other rational thought goes out the window.  It’s like they become zombies.image-2

Then I began to think even more on this.  All sin, whether it is addiction to drugs, money, sex, anger, gossip, gluttony, creates zombies out of humans.  When we are consumed by sin, it is as if we exist to feed the sin, and we will do whatever we can to feed that desire and appetite.

So this made me think even more.  (Now I ought to offer a disclaimer here: I do not watch zombie movies or tv shows.  I don’t like being scared and I certainly do not ever want to pay money so that I can be scared.)  In most zombie stories there is something that happens (virus or the like) that either turns ordinary people into crazed monsters or allows people who have died to “reanimate” into crazed monsters.  All the while normal people have to fight to stay alive (cue the Bee Gees) and not succumb to the zombies.

While this is obviously fiction, if you reverse the main roles in the story, it becomes quite real.  All humans are infected with sin.  It is only those who “die” and are “brought back to life” in Christ that are delivered from that infection.

The real zombie apocalypse is not the destruction of our society and our way of life.  Reality is even more frightening.  The real zombie apocalypse is that, apart from Christ, our society and way of life is already zombies.

3 thoughts on “Zombies and Sin

  1. Way to take a lousy situation and turn it into a teachable moment… Oh to have our system cleansed of toxic viruses. In the meantime, let’s keep being part of God’s solution to cause heaven to infiltrate this earth… lest the zombies take over.

    Michael Ewert


  2. I’m sorry to hear that you were the victim of a spate of thievery. I’d like to think that the “unjust” don’t “mess” with the “just,” or that bad things do not happen to good people.

    I appreciate your cerebral acrobatics in turning the event into an understanding of the world and its inherent sin, and the daily difficulty in having to be “dead to the world” to live in Christ. We need to put on our armor each day to not let, as our Latin teachers indelicately phrased it, “the world” get us down, but instead, as you did, use it as a moment of understanding.

    It reminds me of the Cherokee legend of two internal wolves. We are each born with the predisposition for good or evil. The wolf we feed will be the one who wins.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Barbie


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