And Can It Be–A New Version

Sometimes I am a little slow picking up on new things, but I just recently stumbled upon a new version of my favorite Charles Wesley hymn, And Can It Be.

This is the hymn Charles wrote to describe his experience of God’s grace in an unmistakable way in his life.  Some have called it his conversion experience, and some have called it his version of his brother John’s Aldersgate experience (assurance of salvation).  Either way, it was a powerful awareness of the love and grace of God in his life.

I had never heard this hymn before I went to Asbury Seminary.  There we sang it so often some referred to it as Asbury’s “fight song.”  I have to say, there was always something electric in the air when the pipe organ would drop out of the fourth verse and we sang it a capella, and then had the crescendo for the fifth verse.

Here is the original version, thanks to the folks at  It has all five verses and a piano accompaniment, so if you have never heard the hymn, you know how it goes (and what the lyrics are).

Below is the new version, which is wonderful.  Enjoy!